Sunday, October 2, 2011


I want to be able to tranpose my thoughts onto page. Automatically.
All this stories, thoughts, ideas, are cluttering my head.

I want.. to eat lasangne, and drink a fine port wine. And have an intellectual discussion.
I want to know exactly what dreams are and everything about them. I want to see Tom Rogers, and converse with him, about books and such.
I want school to not exist. Instead, we all learn through audio-visual headsets, and there are no assignments, it merely scans our brain to see if we understand.

I want to have learnt my lines for the play I'm in. 
 I want to.. Build a society on an island, based on decent values, intellectual endeavors, companionship, appreciation of life. and have it last at least until I die (or ascend), after which point, I'll have stopped caring. 

I want to write a novel.

i want to see the world.  

I want the world to see me. 

I want.. a general level of insane sanity.  

I want to live.

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