Thursday, October 27, 2011

Rupod Scrambled

This will be a short or long post, I'm not sure yet, but It has one purpose, I want to let a few people I know how proud of them I am.

I've found recently, I have told quite a few people that I am proud of them. Now this might be a weird term, but what I mean is, the things they have done, whether deliberate or not have made me think. Wow, that's impressive, I am happy to call them a very decent human being and my friend. That's what I mean by proud.

The following people have achieved this from me:
Romana Rose: You'll have to know her blog to know who this is, But I have told her the reasons why I am proud of her. to sum it up, perseverance in times of struggle.
Josh Modrow: For managing to do two things. The first, be almost exactly me, in the way we think, some of our favorite things, and a few other things. And the second for, no matter what shit either of us go through, always being there as a friend to talk to if needed. Thank you man.
Joseph Dowsett: For moving across the world, to a place where they don't even speak the same language, and, even against those odds, being a fantastic interesting funny guy.
Zoee` Eccles: Perseverance, bravery, a strong mind, heart, will and a quick tongue.

And a half mention to two people:
Amelia Baxter: For many the same reasons as Romana, But my only wish is that she would fight harder against herself to take control of what she wants to be. Which is possible, I know from experience.
Aden Morrisson: For strength, and a really strong will, the ability to fight whatever he wants to till the end. But I wish he would pick those battles better.

Thank you all for being in my life.

Roginald Muffin Barris


  1. You have no idea how good you have made me feel about myself :) It means a lot! Thanks Tyler :D