Monday, October 10, 2011

Apologies and Birth.

So, I apologize to all my fellow followers floating freely through my posts that my last two blog posts were so very short.

To make up for this, The following blog post if for them.

So, Upon reading Miss Ramona Rose's blog post about birthdays I thought, hell, let's do that too.
It's my birthday in... 2 weeks exactly.
And I'm actually super pumped, which is a new thing for me. See, my birthdays have never been, overly dramatic things, usually presents in the morning, maybe a small get together at the beach.

But it's my 16th this year, and as such my thought pattern went like this:
"It's my 16th, what should I do for my birthday. Probably the same thing as I always do. Actually no, Fuck it, Let's have a costume party"

So we did.. are.. whatever.
It's an original superhero/villian mask party.
So, you have to make up a superhero/villain, come dressed as them, and incorporate that into your costume somehow.
Should be amazing.
Oh, and for those of you that don't know, "we" refers to me and my twin brother.

The other thing is that, This month, the only weekend that I don't have a birthday party on, is the one just gone. It's gone and will go like this:
Elinor Geary's party: 1st
This weekend: Nothing
Next weekend: Bec John's party
After that: My party
And on the 30th, Zoee`'s Birthday/Halloween party.

It should be an amazing time, and I am very excited to go to all of them.

Thanks for reading this probably rather boring post,
Roger M. Stuff.

P.S The lovely Juanita Dullaway is getting me a morphsuit, which I am so very excited for, despite the fact everyone will be able to see my "figure"

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