Monday, October 3, 2011

Complicated Overthinking.

So, I was thinking, ans due to a chat I recently had, this blog's topic will be concerning women, and their tendency to overthink and over complicate things, when the answer is right in front of them.

Now I'm not saying that only women do this, No Sir E.
Men do it too, but the person in question was a girl and seemed to be stuck thinking this way.

Here's an example.
Her: It took him 10 minutes of me turning away from him and not talking to him to realize someting was wrong. And in that time I was crying, he has and had no idea.
I'm not complaining that no one sees the real me, i'm jus saying that hardly anyone has seen it.
Me: That's because you hide it? Well maybe instead of you waiting for him to notice.. you could.. tell him?
I know it's radical.

See what I mean?
I just don't understand the point in the way some people think. It's like.. I'm going to overthink this, and that is perfectly reasonable.

When all it takes is a chat with one logical person to prove otherwise.
But it's not just this either, there's another thing that confuses the eff out of me.
Putting yourself down.. like "I am stupid"
This confuses me for 2 reasons.
1) Enough people in the world will put you down anyway, why add more?
2) There is no benefit to doing this, it just makes you sad, and.. where's the point in making yourself sad?

Unless you enjoy it, and you're some kind of... sadist..
*bah dum chsssh*

That's all for now folks
Roggie S.

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