Tuesday, November 15, 2011


Tonight was Bundaberg State High School's grade 12 formal. One of the final events my older brother attended to do with school before he graduates.

So my post will be about that, Prom/Formal. And Ethan Graduating.

First of all, I have posted on here before the way I feel about my older brother, but it was ages back, and some of you are new to reading my blog, so here it is again. I do love my older brother. But the way he behaves makes me feel like the is the most narcissistic, stuck up dick I've ever met. But he means well. And he's family, so I guess I can't hold it against him. He's graduating soon, and I don't know what his plans are, whether he's taking a gap year, or he's going straight to uni or what, but I do know that I'm scared I'm going to lose my brother. I always thought that when he left home it would be a happy occasion for two reasons. 1) He would be out of home. 2) He would actually value his family a bit more, and in a way, these things will happen. I'm going to miss him though. I hate to say it, and I never thought I would but I will miss him when he goes. Which is a weird thing, missing someone even though they can be a total dick. Guess it's a love hate thing yeah? Well Ethan, if you ever read this. Thanks for the times when you have been an awesome brother, and I do love you. I hope when you leave you'll still remember your brothers who annoy you oh so much.

Second topic, and I'll try make this short, as I realize this post is getting long and your eyes are getting tired. (maybe)
Prom/Formal - Next year.
So, my main thought is what to wear. I really really want to get a Victorian Era suit, and everyone's feedback on it has been really positive. The only downside is that it will cost $556.92 + shipping. But it would be so very worth it. I am unsure. I don't want to end up wearing a basic suit, I want to look suave, sophisticated, but I think I'll just end up looking like a dick. All depends on who I take I guess.
Which is the second thing, I want to take someone who will look fantastic, and in turn make me look fantastic,, and who will want to go to Prom with a guy in Victorian garb. Does it make me shallow if that's all I really want? The problem is I can't think of anyone who fits this.. Well, there is one person, and I have asked her, but she doesn't know whether she is going yet, so it's all iffy. *sigh*

Will I just end up as the guy in all the photos who everyone goes, wow, he looks like a dick? Or will people actual like like what I am wearing? I like to think I have some kind of style, and I've matched the clothes well. But is it enough? And what is wrong with me? I'm not one to care what people think. *sigh*
get it together Tyler.

Well, Thanks for ready this dull emotional drivel.
Reginald Muffin Morrisson

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