Sunday, November 6, 2011

A letter to Jordan Travers.

Fuck. Off.

Sincerely, Tyler

P.S this was going to be a letter of how much of a massive cock you are being to my girlfriend, but I couldn't be fucked typing it all out when you won't see it, but one more step over the line and I will personally end you.


  1. i have taken a transcript of this text and will be handing it into the police should i hear any more threats from you towards jordan, dont go there mate a death threat In many jurisdictions,is a criminal offence. one that is not taken to seriously

  2. Oh goodie. Hello, whoever you are.
    I do not plan to kill Jordan, nor was I making a death threat towards him.

    But I'm sorry, if you had someone treating your girlfriend like shit and acting like they were dating her, wouldn't you be a bit pissed off?

    Whoever you are, your threats against me are misinformed, and quite insulting. I am not the one in the wrong in this situation, I am merely trying to make sure Jordan stops being a dick to my girlfriend.