Saturday, May 8, 2010

Silly Little Things

The world is full of silly little things, just look around, count the amount of silly little things you can see..... Did ya do it? Be honest. Tehehe. Well even if you didnt, I'm going to Talk about, let's say, 3 of them :3

Numero Uno:
Pens, what ever happened to pencils? or The Good Ole Crayon :3 You know what I think? I think Pens killed them whilst they were eating. Just so he could be in the lead. Leead? Led? hmm

Mice, computer mice. not the other mice that run around going SQUEAK~! and being overall very cute :3 Computer mice because they are nothing like REAL mice, they wish they could be real mice! All they have in common is a long tail thing which is really a cord, They are not furry and they click and scroll, not squeak, quite ridiculous. Though they are useful :P

Evolution, because personally, I think I'd survive better among the "fittest" If I had 4 arms.

Thank you, And make sure that sometime you return, Under The Bed :3

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