Friday, May 21, 2010

May hey hey

Wow, it's may.

And you know what? IT'S EVERYBODY'S BIRTHDAY!

I'm serious like, here's a list of all the people's whose birthday it is.

1. Juanita Dullaway - 21st
2. Josh Modrow - 29th
3. Chelsea-Jane Spencer - 21st
4. Maree Sanna - 18th
5. Hannah Robinson - 27th
6. Andrea Templeman - 28th


Freaky ay? I don't think any other month this year has so many of my friends born in it!
Whereas, a lot of my family is born around October.
Like me :D

Do months have anything to do with the meaning of the universe and which people are friends?
I'm not sure.
Go ask your mother.

Roger, The Underbed

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