Sunday, January 22, 2012

The Morrissons - A Theatre of Cruelty performance.

So, tonight I decided my family would make a great theater of cruelty performance to shock people into being better families.

For those of you who don't do drama, a Theater of Cruelty performance is designed to expose the audience to scenes that they would never ever be exposed to in normal everyday life, in order to prevent them from ever doing said act. For example, A theatre of cruelty performance stopping people from murdering, would contains scenes of graphic murder, violence, accompanied by loud noises, screaming, flashes of light. It is not uncommon for people to leave or throw up during ToC performances.

So, for your viewing pleasure I give you, the Morrisson's, a ToC performance.

It would open with a normal dinner scene, say at a restaurant or pub. Or even at home at the dinner table. Everyone is agitated as they know what is coming. A family "talk" discussion, agenda, lsit. Whatever it's called, it's annoying. It starts civil, people try and keep the peace, things are discussed, everything gets agrivated when one of the brothers keep making dicky comments. People try and stop him, to which he gets agitated. etc etc Becomes a full blown agrument. People leave. Or they all leave if at a resturant, as they didn't want to get to loud. Argument moves to the care, or spread across the house. Becomes a screaming match. Choice phrases are "I've done nothing wrong" "you're never going to change" "Everyone treats me like a slave" "I'll respect you if you respect me" "Give me some respect"
It gets worse and worse, louder and louder. Throw in some drums because what the heck. Everyone is stressed. All characters class. Bring up old wounds. Turns into a bitch fight. Nothing is resolved. everyone breaks down in their own ways. Laughing, crying, silent, angry, and angrier.
Lights go out. All is silent. everyone wakes up in their beds, it's the following morning. Nothing else happens. Nothing to be done.

And by the end of it, lasting about oh, let's say 2 and a half hours, the audience are so shocked or disgusted at the behavior, or sad because they can relate to any on of them or the situation that they all go home and are better people because of it.


Reginald <3

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