Friday, September 30, 2011


So at the end of my dream I'm standing with the Doctor Amy and Rory, and this random roman girl (we had just saved a roman town from oppression and filled a river with i'll gotten gain from the aristocracy which the villagers got out and the river promptly dried up, there was no aliens involved though, and I think up until this point we were musketeers.. anyway) The Roman girl asked me to do the Hoobaschwopp.. I didn't know what that was so the Doctor said "Alright Tyler, are you ready to learn?" sat me down on a chair, and pulled a metal stick with a golden ball on it and tapped me on the nose where it hit with a discharge of electricity and said "You now know the Hoobaschwopp" and me, just realizing what had happened just said, "I hate you, Oh I hate you" and sat there thinking how to do the Hoobaschwopp without looking like a complete idiot and being laughed at. Then the dream ended.

It was awesome.

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