Thursday, March 31, 2011


Everything these days is hardcore, Hardcore rock, Hardcore fans, hardcore games. But what about Hardcore vegetarians?

Yes, you heard me right, hardcore vegetarians. We've all met them, seen their righteousness, seen their hatred of meat, or is that love?
In any case, it always happens, you talk to them and at some point, the conversation arises, Vegetarianism.
You argue that if we weren't mean't to eat meat, why is it a good part of a balanced diet?
They argue that you can have a balanced diet without meat.
You jest that the slaughtered lamb tastes oh so yummy!
They call you sick.
Then comes the kicker, why we are evil for eating meat.

I mean, C'mon guys, Do I call you evil for slaughtering those vegetables, and throwing them around with liquid on it and munching down on all of it?
So why must you be so righteous when you tell me I shouldn't eat that slaughtered hunk of creature?
Don't get me wrong, I have nothing against vegetarians, it's just the hardcore ones. The ones who force their opinions on you.
I mean, what are they? Mormons?

- Muffinstuff, Roger

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