Saturday, March 5, 2011

Of Feesh, and Other Things.

Hey guys, You know how I've totally got fish on my blog?
Right Here>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Count them, tell me how many there are.

Anyway, busy day today, seeing Zoee' Then I have rehearsals, Carosuel opens in a week, on the 15th of March with the Gala event, celebrating 60 years of the Playhouse Theatre, Tickets are $70 but well worth it, it is carnival themed, there will be men on unicycles, Devil sticks, fire twirling (maybe) so so much.

/shameless self plug

So yeah, massive Drama assignment due Tuesday, I have all tomorrow :D
I will get it done, and it will be amazing, and everyone will be amazed.
Then I will practice my English till I can say it flawlessly with the voice of a god.

Then, I will luncheon :D

Tis all for now, Till next time
Roger Muffin Stuff.