Saturday, October 30, 2010

Hello Friends and Family

Good Even'n Guv'ner

It has come to my attention that you folks 'aven't 'eard from me in a while.

Well, I have not died, like so many from that blasted plauge, Simply been, 'ow you put it? Dis-con-neck-ed? from this 'ere magic word-box, and it's con-neck-ions from the other word-boxes.

So, To let you fellows know
It was my birthday 4 and 2 days ago, I gots meself a bycicyle, Now I jus need ah resume' See 'ow posh I am?

But yer, Shall be gettin' a good ol' job soon enough, then the monies will come my way.
'Edding of to a good ol' shindig tommorrow. See me gal.

Other then that, 'Ave'nt been busy at all, Just acting the icebox and chillin' as they say.

Well, I'll let ye guys know, When I next can
Roger, The Shoe-Shine Boy

1 comment:

  1. Jolly good ol' chap, I tip my hat to you boy! *puts pipe in mouth*