Sunday, December 5, 2010



Why do you do this? Why do you assume what people mean or say or their actions?
What do you gain? False truths? Make up fantasies?
Or do you just get everyone pissed off at you for assuming what they mean.
Or what they do.

What's that? The last one? that's surprising you say?
Well, how about you change those ways and listen.
That's right, with those flaps protruding from your head.
No, those are your eyelids. More to the out.
there you go, those are called ears, We use these to find out what people actually mean, or say, or do.
No it's not just good enough to pretend. And ignore what they say, That's horrible you ass*.
But yeah, Or you could ignore this and continue being as ass*.

All for now,
And remember noone likes an ass*.


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