Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Facebook, Holidays, and being Sick

Who likes facebook?
Answer: Most people
other answer: Me, because lately I find I am on it constantly!
Am I addicted?
Answer: Probably :P
These holidays I really haven't done anything but sit on facebook, it's been fun, cause I can talk to all my friends, and plus, People stopped being angry at me on there, Which is good :D
My excuse for said Facebook use is that I caught a dehabilitating head-cold.. Which was very annoying, But I mostly over it now, Which is good. So anyone wanna hang out?
but seriously, If anyone wants to do something, contact me :D

Nuf from me,
This has been Rogermuffinstuff
Reporting from the Underbed,

1 comment:

  1. You could "show up unexpectedly" at bowling tomorrow night? To like in a way troll phoenix, being as she hate you and all/

    7:30ish if you're interested..