Sunday, September 12, 2010

How to make an Asshole

What you will need:
An Average Teenage male
A heck lot of hair gel (or a head shaver)
A football
lots of porno
A bottle of Tabasco
A book of swears

1. Take your male and subject him to a horrible head shaving or a spikening of your choice.
2. force him to play hours of football giving him and obsession with it
3. Teach him the swears from the aformentioned book
4.Give him some porn to help him develop a disrespect of women
5. Force him to drink the tabasco(to give him that extra fire) And finally
6. Send him off into the world hoping he doesnt get stabbed by lunchtime

Roger :D


  1. Ive read something just like this before :). Its true though >:D that makes a true asshole.