Saturday, August 14, 2010

Of Human Interaction and Behaviour.

Why is it that adults assume age brings them infinite wisdom? Or when we do something "inappropriate" that they can talk to us like ice. Cold and as Formal as physically possible? I don't see how this is effective as a method of teaching their children, Or any children. As most Teens just take it as patronizing and ignore then, as is their nature. For instance, I find an adult that talks to kids on their level, without making an obvious effort to, is easier spoken to, and listened to.

Teenage Interaction is simple in most cases, The behaviors easy to see, as well as the emotions. situations with simple solutions, Sometimes made much to complicated by one or more people. But in the end is simple. Whereas Adults tend to hide the solutions to problems and think its better to force a teenager to learn what they did wrong, or how the situation is wrong before they even hint at all as to what it is. A teenager just wants to know what they have done wrong, so they can avoid doing it again. Of course, everyone learns differently, and some might benefit from the adult's method.

I suppose it relies on your upbringing. But to me, everyone in equal, in age, race, gender the only thing that separates us is our comprehension of the subject.

Which brings me to my point of which is, What if The Adults had no more say in the world than teenagers? Would we fall into chaos, Or would teenagers be useful additions to the "adult" Human populace?
This Has been seen in other cultures and has worked, But I suppose they also live under different circumstances.

What's your opinion? Do you think adults have no more a grip on the world then some teenagers?

Also I realize that I am a teenager writing this, but I have tried my hardest to view it with an equal bias on both sides, but then again, there is no point in which I could write this without being accused of bias.

Just my thoughts, Thanks

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