Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Gary The Turtle on Fire

Today, I thought i'd indulge you in the tale of the time I was a drug dealer in Childers.

It started about six months ago and lasted for a few lonely weeks, but I was rolling in the dough. I would hitch a ride there after school and sell whatever I could, Weed, dope, speed, ice, heroin, coke. All the good shit. I would make my rounds, go to my regular buyers. I was going great.

Little did I know about the Childers Mafia.

It wasn't a very good mafia, more of a gang of bogans who though they ran the dope racket. They thought wrong. They assaulted me one day and took off with all my goods.

i swore revenge. So I use my earning to by myself two semi automatic "Striker" Shotguns and went Hot Fuzz on their asses. Needless to say, Childers is now slightly less bogan-filled.

Twas epic.

And If you hadn't figured it out yet, This is all complete bullshit.
Roger, The Underbed


  1. omfg I had a dream like that the other day, i was hunting socially-wrong effers, emos and bogans, t'was orsm...

    ...or was it a premonition?