Sunday, July 8, 2012

Apparently all my friends forgot how to text.

A bunch of my friends went to the movies last night. my friends who I haven't seen a single one of over the holidays.

All because I don't have Facebook.

I deleted Facebook because it's absolute shit. It was ruining my life, taking up my time and everything on there was just shit.

But now, because of that, all my friends must things I'm just socially unavailable, and therefore nobody text Tyler, despite the fact that all of you have Facebook.

And here I am, bitching like someone would on Facebook, about how shit Facebook is.

Oh the ironing.


  1. Well, don't feel alone. I wasn't invited into the actually event till only a few hours before hand which I already made plans for that morning...

    Plus, no one texts me unless they want want a back up plan if everyone else turns them down T-T

  2. It was Morgan's event, I didn't even know who was going/invited, sorry.

  3. Aden basically bragged to me that he went and I didn't, because I don't have Facebook. Because I'm such a social outcast because of it.

    See, you have a reason Bec, but fact is all of you still had my number.. I spent the night watching Last Airbender.