Sunday, June 19, 2011


Sometimes I wish I could view events before they happen, in order to prepare myself, how to act, what to do. But then I think to myself, Wouldn't I then act differently, according to what I wanted to change the outcome to?

Then, would the outcome change at all?

And on another point, would all that nonsense count as time travel? I mean, you would only get one shot at doing things right, So it's like, one step down from doing things normally, and one up from rewinding time.

Which makes me think about destiny, and whether we all have choices in life, or if our lives are pre written and we just go through living them, like puppets, or characters in a book. Then I usually get rather depressed when I imagine this being true, Because it means someone out there is a LOT better writer then me.

Then I get all mopey about the futility of our actions, So I make myself a green tea and wish I was stupid and didn't think so complicatedly.

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